Translation Services For the Modern World

As the world we interact with becomes increasingly interconnected, there is an ever-growing need for accurate and professional translation. Diners understands that need, and that is why we have offered quality translation services primarily to the legal profession. Many things have changed since then, but the assurance that you are in good hands in working with us has not. With offices in Hong Kong and the United States, we offer seamless service that eliminates the time restrictions placed on other translation companies.

We specialize in legal and financial translation, but are proficient in other areas as well. So whether you belong to a storied firm or you're just starting something new, you can be at ease with Diners. We offer around the clock services that are built around satisfying the client, and we understand the demands of quality translation and how important they can be to all aspects of professional and personal life. A superior translation company can be the difference between frustration and success.

Our vast array of translators allows us to offer professional service for any translation job; see below for more information about the excellent and diverse services we offer. So contact us today!

We speak your language and offer top quality professional translation for your business.

Legal Translation

When it comes to legal translation or interpretation, more is at stake than the reputation of a firm; often, balancing the scales of justice can come down to how something is translated. That's a lot of pressure to get things right, and we have structured our translation and editing process to make sure we do so.

Our team of experts has rich, professional knowledge of the legal system and can deal with sophisticated legal documents. We recruit only the best and most experienced legal translators who are accredited by institutions such as the Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK) and the American Translators Association (ATA). This means that at any time we are able to provide you with a full range of professional service that meets even the most exacting requirements and standards.

Financial Translation

Our company headquarters is in Hong Kong, the leader of the world of international finance. Our professional translators are thus well-versed in that world and understand the complexities of the modern financial system. We hire only the most experienced financial translators that have essential accreditations.

Our clients include many esteemed financial institutions. They have stayed with us for so long for a reason: the service and expertise we offer is simply unparalleled. So whether it be annual reports, audits, prospectuses, or whatever you may need, contact Diners today.


Our team of court-registered interpreters is capable of providing reliable consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services between English and many other languages. We specialize in interpreting for arbitration and disciplinary hearings, taking depositions, and conferences.

  • Consecutive Interpretation
    Diners knows your business meetings and boardroom conferences may mean millions or even billions of dollars in revenue. Therefore we choose to hire the best interpreters both inside and outside of Hong Kong to provide interpretation services for our valuable clients. Our consecutive interpretation team is made up of professionals who are highly skilled and professionally trained to work in all types of settings. All of them have experience interpreting at trade shows, conferences, board meetings, courtrooms or arbitration meetings.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
    A sizable multinational summit or conference cannot proceed without competent simultaneous interpreters. Professionals from all over the world rely solely on interpreters to understand the speakers' speech; when it comes to simultaneous interpretation, Diners knows how serious accuracy and speed can be, therefore we hire only experienced interpreters who are recognized internationally. We have years of experience organizing conference interpretation for many global firms and organizations, their industries ranging from business and marketing to medical radiology.


Fortune smiles upon those who are daring enough to enter new markets and expand their horizons. But starting a business in your own area can be a daunting task; starting it in a foreign territory requires exceptional adeptness. Fortunately, Diners offers localization services to assist you.

Our team is trained to be consistent and accurate across platforms. They are experts that understand all of the work that goes into entering a new market-the marketing, the software, the website, etc.-and will help you adapt your product. So contact Diners today about expanding your horizons.